Normally Closed Solenoid Valve

​FCD180A 24V is a normally closed solenoid valve with rated voltage of DC 24v, suitable for intelligent sanitary ware series, normally close type.

Product Details

Normally closed solenoid  valve function parameters


Normally closed solenoid  valve flow


Normally closed solenoid  valve Dimension check

Normally closed solenoid  valve appliance for
 Suitable for: Intelligent closestool, intelligent sanitary ware......

Normally closed solenoid  valve package
 20pcs/tray, 100pcs/cartons, carton size:34*26*30cm
 High-strength cartons, good for long-distances export transport


1-We  have more than 600 staff,50% of them have worked in Meishuo for 3+ years, every staff has to get a standard training before going online。

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2-Very professional R & D team with standard development processes can provide excellent customized services for us.

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 3-Standardized quality control organization, each auto relay need to be checked  4 times 100% testing + twice snap check. No complaint almostly get from customer in 3 years.。 

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