DPDT Relay 24V

dpdt relay 24v MPI-S-224-C is a 12V 8pins 16A mini PCB relay , suitable for soybean milk machine, dish washers, air conditioners.

Product Details

24v dpdt relay parameters:


1.JPG24v dpdt relay Coil data:


24v dpdt relay Dimensions and wiring diagram:



24v dpdt relay appliance
 It is applied in soybean milk machine, dish  washers, air conditioners.


 24v dpdt relay packing
 Carton size: 37X23X14cm
 -50pcs/inner box
 The inside of the carton is protected by corrugated  paper, high quality cartons, no any problem for long-distance export transport.


  1. We have very clean workshops,  Our workshops are dust-free and constant temperature & humidity workshops. Every  person entering the workshop should wear anti-static clothing

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 2.We have professional R & D  team, have standard development process. Can provide excellent customized  service.

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 3.We are a loving company, the  company usually do philanthropy activities.

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4.We always working according DFEMA,  PFEMA. That evaluate and analyzes various possible risks to eliminate these  risks or reduce these risks to an acceptable level on the basis of the prior  art.。

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5.We can provide reliability  report for each relay.。

16 google可靠性报告 .jpg FAQ:

Q:How about your Product Quality?

A: I cannot answer to you from our side. But our customers said to us our products quality is good and most of all products approval of UL and TUV. After you use it, you will know more understanding for our quality.

Q:What is your delivery time?

A:Usually, 3-7days for samples, 10-30 days for bulk goods.

Q:What's the production capacity per month?

A:Our monthly production capacity is 45 million.

Q:What's your main customer group?

A:We have many big customer, such as Midea, Tiejiangjun, Aux and so on.


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