Solenoid Valve Normally Open

FPD360A1 24V is a solenoid valve normally open, appliance in water appliances series,like water purifiers, water machine, soft water machine, coffee machine,electric tea sets, etc.

Product Details

Solenoid valve normally  open function parameters


Solenoid valve normally  open flow  characteristic

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Solenoid valve normally  open Dimensions          image004.jpgimage008.jpgimage010.jpg                                                                                                                  

Solenoid valve normally  open appliance
 Suitable for: water purifiers, water  machine, soft water machine, coffee machine, electric tea sets, etc.


Solenoid valve normally  open packing
 20pcs/tray, 100pcs/cartons, carton size:34*26*30cm
 High-strength cartons, good for  long-distance export transport


1-We  have professional R & D team, have standard development process. Can  provide excellent customized service.

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2-We  have fully functional laboratory, our laboratory is UL witnessed laboratory  & CANS laboratory, we can done resistive load, lamp load, and motor load in  our laboratory. we have excelled equipments in our laboratory, such as: High  speed camera, X - ray analyzer

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 3-We  have standardized quality control system, each automotive relay have to passed  4 times 100% testing + twice snap check.   We almost no complaint from customer in 3 years.


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 4-We  are a loving company, the company usually do philanthropy activities  


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A: What is automotive relay?

Q: automotive relay is switch which use for car.



Q: how about meishuo relay?

A: high-end



Q: what kind of relay can help you open market well?

A: meishuo relay



Q: who is meishuo?

A: relay and water valve factory.

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