Other Types Of Relays
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Thermal reed relay

Thermal Reed Relays are a new type of thermal switch that uses temperature-sensitive magnetic materials to detect and control temperature. It consists of a temperature magnetic ring, constant magnetic ring, reed switch, thermal mounting plate, plastic substrate and other accessories. Thermal reed relays do not use coil excitation, magnetic flux generated by the constant magnetic drive switch action. Whether the permanent magnetic ring can provide the magnetic force to the reed switch is determined by the temperature control characteristic of the temperature sensitive magnetic ring.

SSR: Solid-state relay

Solid state relay is a two terminals for the input, the other two terminals for the output of the four-terminal devices, the middle of the isolation device to achieve the input and output electrical isolation.

Solid state relay according to the type of load power can be divided into AC and DC. Press the switch type can be divided into normally open and normally closed type. According to the isolation type can be divided into hybrid, transformer isolation and optical isolation, photoelectric isolation for the most.

Solid state relay is a branch of the relay products, the use of semiconductor devices instead of the traditional coil made from, do not rely on the movement of mechanical components to control the opening and closing of the switch, effectively improving the reliability and service life. As no longer use the coil, so it will not encounter electromagnetic interference and contact "spark" and other issues, but also in safety has been greatly improved. Solid state relay power is smaller, more suitable for high-end products, in line with national energy-saving environmental requirements.