Mini Rele 12V DC

mini rele 12v dc MPQ1-S-112D-A is a sealed 30A 12vdc one normally open 4pin PCB power relay, suitable for water heaters, electric cooker, washing machines.

Product Details

mini rele 12v dc parameters

MPQ1-S-112D-A 05.jpg

Contact Arrangement

1A,Change-over type

Contact material


Contact rating


Coil voltage


Electrical lift

100,000 cycles

Mechanical Life

1,000,000 cycles

mini rele 12v dc Coil date

     Voltage  (VDC)

Operate    Voltage (VDC)

Release    Voltage  (VDC)

Max    Allowable
     coil    voltage

Coil    Resistance (Ω±10%)

Coil    Power(W)






Approx.    0.9

mini rele 12v dc Dimensions and wiring diagram



mini rele 12v dc appliance
 It is applied in air conditioners, electric  cooker, water heaters, UPS, microwave oven, etc.


mini rele 12v dc packing
 Carton size: 42X29X34cm
 -50pcs/inner box
 The inside of the carton is protected by  pearl cotton, high quality cartons, no any problem for long-distance export  transport.


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Q: can you address the e order


Q: how to help customer to select the right relay?

A: check the current, contact arrangement, and voltage. 

Q: how to help customer to select the right relay?

A: check the current, contact arrangement, and voltage.


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