Relay 12V 5 Pines

relay 12v 5 pins MPI-S-112-C is a 12A mini PCB relay , suitable for soybean milk machine, dish washers, air conditioners, washing machines.

Product Details

relay 12v 5 pins parameters:

MPI-S-112-C-3 01.jpg

relay 12v 5 pins Coil  data:


2.JPGrelay 12v 5 pins Dimensions and wiring diagram:



 relay 12v 5 pins appliance
 It is applied in soybean milk machine, dish  washers, air conditioners, washing machines, etc.

 relay 12v 5 pins packing
 Carton size: 37X23X14cm
 -50pcs/inner box
 The inside of the carton is protected by corrugated  paper, high quality cartons, no any problem for long-distance export transport.


  1. We are manufacturer, built in  2007, we have own building.

1 google产房1.jpg 

 2.We have fully functional  laboratory, our laboratory is UL witnessed laboratory & CANS laboratory, we  can done resistive load, lamp load, and motor load in our laboratory. we have  excelled equipments in our laboratory, such as: High speed camera, X - ray  analyzer

7 google实验室证书全景.jpg 

 3.Have batch code for each relay,  When product is abnormal, we can find the problem in the shortest time, Has a  good traceability.

10 google日期码.jpg 

 4.Meishuo can provide free samples, and,  we have report for each sample, you can check our quality very well before you get it.

12 google样品测试+检验报告.jpg 

Q: Dose meishuo have high load type relay?

A: yes, such as MAB.



Q: Dose meishuo have new relay in 2018?

A: yes, such as MAS.

Q: what kind of relay can help you open market well?

A: meishuo relay



Q: who is meishuo?

A: relay and water valve factory.



Q: where can I find meishuo relay?

A: from google and alibaba.



Q: how many kinds of contact of meishuo relay?

A: silver alloy and SnO2

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