5 Pin 12 Volt Relay Wiring

5 pin 12 volt relay wiring MPJ2-S-112-C is a 16A 12v 5pin relay, suitable for air conditioners.

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5 pin 12 volt relay  wiring parameters


1.JPG5 pin 12 volt relay  wiring Coil date

2.JPG5 pin 12 volt relay  wiring Dimensions and wiring diagram


5 pin 12 volt relay  wiring appliance 


5 pin 12 volt relay  wiring packing 
 400pcs/cartons, carton size:44*31.5*22cm
 High-strength cartons, good for  long-distance export transport

mpj 包装.jpg

 1.  We built factory 10 years ago, we are one of biggest manufacturers in China.

1 google产房1.jpg  

 2.  Our workshops have clean management, dust free, constant temperature and  humidity. each person must put on the anti-static clothes before enter into  workshop.   

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3.Our R & D team is excellent, have professional development system and nice  customized service. 

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 4.  We make relay by automatic production line, Now, totally is 15 automatic  production lines. And day-yield is more than 600,000pcs. Some lines are built  by ourselves.  

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Q: how about meishuo relay?

A: high-end



Q: what kind of relay can help you open market well?

A: meishuo relay



Q: who is meishuo?

A: relay and water valve factory.



Q: where can I find meishuo relay?

A: from google and alibaba.



Q: how many kinds of contact of meishuo relay?

A: silver alloy and SnO2

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